La Finca Sonador

Verona at La Finca Sonador with Guadalupe Urbina, Lucca & Rolando Spendlingwimmer

Roberto Zamora

Roberto Zamora, Costa Rican
Attorney & Verona
"Peace As A Human Right"


Gusein, The Peaceful Warrior in Dagestan

Soon Duk KIm

Quest For Justice is Soon Duk Kim's story.
Here she is demonstrating in front of the Japanese Embassy in
San Francisco 2004.

Karl Linn

Karl Linn from Berkeley, CA
Digital Media Biography

Ansel Adams

Short film for Ansel Adams
Centennial at Yosemite, CA

Karl Linn

Huarmi Marqui in Ecuador


To produce and support socially relevant media, educatonal & artistic projects

We strive to connect digital media with the social fabric of our lives by working with projects that have underlying social, spiritual, artistic or cultural value.
We produce and support educational & artistic digital media projects that have social relevance or contribute to a deeper understanding of cultural, spiritual and civic involvement in the world.


Iris Arts & Education Group, a 501(c)3 organization, was founded by Jan Camp in 1992 to be a container for emerging visual artists to show and share their work. In 1997 Verona Fonte became the Executive Director and Chair of the Board of Directors, shifting the focus somewhat, working mainly in the emerging digital media arena to, first, assist young people to become competent visual storytellers using the internet as their distribution vehicle. In the last few years as the internet has transformed the production and distribution of media, art and education the organization has focused on the production of digital medium projects for other nonprofits organization in socially relevant arenas. We donate our services, productions, at times training and software to nonprofit organizations that have something to add in terms of educating, informing or inspiring projects in arenas where heart, head and the public good are aligned.  When approached by funded sources who offer to pay us for our services, we accept, as this is how we maintain our funding. But this is never the basis for our project selection.
Iris support includes organizational consultation, fiscal sponsorship, the production of media, websites and promotional materials that aid an organization’s mission and objectives. These materials range from websites to short movies, posters, postcards to books.
Iris also continues to work with well known artists, creating short films with socially relevant narratives.


Iris provides fiscal sponsorship for selected projects that fit within the mission of the organization.


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This Global Living Room project grows out of a truly life changing 8 month journey I took last year, with my guitar, my 40-year songbag of songs of social justice, women’s stories and strengths, uplifting and empowering songs for children, and healing, meditative songs for the heart and soul. There are 5  upcoming events at which we will be receiving donations as seed money for the project- donations to give me time and space to focus on all this, develop and concretize the many visions I have for sharing the fruits of the journey in useful ways here at home, And give me time to get more secure funding in place for the longer haul! Here’s a list of upcoming GLR events. There will be more events in 2017, as yet unscheduled. I have presented about 6 Global Living Rooms since returning last July.

  • Tues 11/29- Private home in Marin, Global Living Room for women and girls
  • Sat Dcc 3- At Edie’s house, Global Living Room for all
  • Sun Dec 4- Private home in Atherton  Global Living Room for all
  • Sun Dec 11- Global Womansong- Global Living Room for women and girls
  • Thurs Dec 22- Special evening at a Buddhist weekly community gathering, “What I unlearned in 8 months of travel”, seeing the world with beginners eyes.

    Often referred to as Climate Crime, Ecocide is also a law that puts in place a criminal wrong. Existing laws, such as international declarations, treaties and protocols do not have the legal teeth to impute State responsibility and the necessary legal duty of care – owed by States on behalf of the public. Ecocide law is public law in the widest sense; giving protection to those at risk of being displaced, upholding the rights and duties of humanity as a whole as well as the rights of future generations, nature and indigenous rights. Iris Arts and Education is the US fiscal sponsor for this initiative. To donate to this project go to our "Contributions" page.


    Iris has provided consultation,digital media support to the Voz Propia Foundation since 2007. The primary objective of this foundation is the artistic and cultural development of socially challenged children and youth.  Along with this concern for youth Voz Propia's projects focus on maintian cultural identity and creating projects that support issues of sustainability.  Guadalupe Urbina is the founder and cultural manager of that organization. She continues to dedicate her work for the preservation and dissemination of the cultural identity of northwestern Costa Rica and the protection of natural resources and the environment by involving children is related projects. Iris is currently consulting and designing projects for Guadalupe Urbina and collaborating with the socio-environmental project Centro de Arte para el Desarrollo Integral in Longo Mai located in Finca Sonador (Sonador Farm), in Buenos Aires de Osa, southern Costa Rica. Children of this project are working in conjunction with UNAPROA, an organization of compesinos working to protect their watershed from run off from huge pineapple plantations that are in mountain areas. 
    Iris Arts & Education is currently developing and managing the fundraising campaign for the CASA MADREMONTE - the first building for the Centro de Arte Y Sostenibilidad in Longo Mai. The building, CASA MADREMONTE, designed by Costa Rican architects, is a model for sustainable building in the tropics.  Our hope and intention is to inspire both local residents, and designers from other cultures, to integrate local resources, habitats and basic human needs in building habitats in the future.  To donate to this project go to our "Contributions" page.


    In response to the swine flu emergency Iris Arts has offered the comprehensive disaster preparation book "Bird Flu What To Do: Prepare To Survive" and a PDF copy of the updated version "What To Do: Prepare To Survive" both by Verona Fonté to non-profit, religious and community organizations who are interested in creating disaster resistant communities. The organizations need provide only the cost of shipping the books to their location.

    Former Iris projects not included on this website:

    Digital Media Literacy&The Altruistic Archetype