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Ball Court




Observatory at
Chichen Itza


Tolkien Calendar




Below are short studies of  mayan themes that could be integrated into stage setting we are proposing for Circo Fantazzatico European tour summer 2010. These are drafts and represent ideas. They are also very short and very fast.  Animation or movement that is in any of the sets would be VERY slow. In reading the treatment for the production it seems like most stage settings would be "environments". For example some would reflect the different qualities of the 5 Suns; the first and last scene would probably be the same as they are backgrounds for storytelling. Based on what I have read I thought I would create a storyboard reflecting ideas that came to me - and then send that to Alexandra, Lupe and Rolando to get your input. The finished product would be much more polished than these studies. They would be given to you in the form of movies that could be played from a computer and projected on a screen from behind the stage onto a large screen.




Tolkien Calendar


Entering the Mayan PreColumbian Culture




Ball Court 3 Dimensional Model


Observatory Chichen Itza  - 3 Dimension Model