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Artistic Design & Editing by Verona Fonté

Music & Artwork by Guadalupe Urbina in Costa Rica

Produced by Iris Arts & Education Group  2008

The film is based on the song “Origenes,” written and sung by Guadalupe, using her original artwork inspired by pre-Columbian indigenous cultures.  The short film is produced by Iris Arts & Education Group and was part of the exhibition LOS COLORES DE GUADALPE URBINA at the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica with an exhibition of the paintings of Guadalupe Urbina.

It features both the art and music of Guadalupe Urbina, who is from the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica.  She is a singer, song writer, and artist of world renown who reflects depth and passion for her Meso-American roots and the preservation of her culture and the earth is all of her artwork.

Available in DVD - Funds go to Voz Propia Foundation in Costa Rica for the artistic / educational projects for children who are socially challenges which links them to their indigenous roots in Meso-America.

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