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Produced by the Ansel Adam Gallery
Iris Arts & Education Group  2002

Creative direction, interviewing and editing  - Verona Fonte

Cinematography - Tom Bair


This film was produced by the Ansel Adams Gallery for the Centennial Celebration of Ansel Adams sponsored by Jeanne and Michael Adams at Yosemite National Park in 2002. Invitees included were all living photographic assistants of Ansel Adams. Two who not make the gathering were his first two assistants: Pirkle Jones and Don Worth. This short was designed to bring these two "elders" to the gathering. During the five day celebration designed by Jeanne Adams "Edges and Intersections" all the former darkroom assistants who were able to come were filmed by Tom Bair and Verona Fonte with the thought that one day all interviews would be woven into a full length film. The protocol for the interviews focused on what we learn from a mentor, how we integrate that into our own work and what we think is important to pass on to those who study with us.